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A unique experience
of mountain cuisine.

Food Space & Restaurant, a new cultural concept

A space where the spotlight is on food, a meeting place where sitting around the table translates into sharing everything, a restaurant that looks and feels like a living room.
AlpiNN – Food Space & Restaurant is a new take on the classic restaurant, a place where lunch, an event or a meeting is a chance to approach the world of food in a different way.

The concept is predominantly a cultural one and brings together several different approaches. The innovative mindset of Norbert Niederkofler and Paolo Ferretti, creators of CARE’s-The ethical Chef Days and Cook the Mountain with Mo-Food, the international and strongly identity-focused ethos of designer Martino Gamper, and the emerging artistic reputation of the tourist region of Kronplatz: three visions which have been merged to create a space where food both nourishes and brings people together.


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cook the mountain

Cook the Mountain has found the perfect home at AlpiNN, the ideal place and setting and at just the right time.

A raison d'être, the work and life philosophy of chef Norbert Niederkofler. After travelling around the world, Norbert rediscovered his roots and homeland, leading him to choose sustainability and regional flavours as the principles of his culinary approach.

Cook the Mountain explores the values that culturally and socially unite those people around the world who regard the mountains as a resource, a passion, a challenge and heritage to be protected. By creating a link between the culture and traditions of the mountains and global cuisine and gastronomy, we can contribute to the sustainable growth of the entire planet and redefine its economic and social development, exploring the aspects that connect production, produce, regional areas and consumption.


AlpiNN’s menu is based on seasonal and regional products.
Each dish represents the mountains, the toil of countrymen and farmers, their high quality produce, traditions handed down from generation to generation, care and constancy.

We cut waste to a minimum. From potato peel and giblets to the water we use to cook the vegetables, everything can become an ingredient for creative recipes.


The water is also from our mountains.
Thanks to BWT technology we are actually a “bottle free zone”. This means caring about ingredients and valuing the product, as well as the local area.

Simple, pure and natural ingredients are fundamental if people are to savour the genuine taste of local mountain-based cuisine that is accessible to everyone.


People and human relations are the true added value of a project.

Small producers and farmers are an important part of the local culinary heritage, passionately committed day in, day out to protecting the local area and enhancing its produce.



We get these “craftsmen of the land”, with all their wisdom, personally involved, giving them a voice and space to showcase their most authentic values.