Sustainability is in our DNA

‘With AlpiNN we have gone beyond the concept of a restaurant in the classical sense.
Norbert's 'Cook the Mountain' philosophy was the starting point for a broader reasoning, oriented towards a 360 degrees protection and enhancement of the territory.

In fact, I’m convinced that ethical gastronomy can promote respectful and conscious social behaviors.

In this framework, AlpiNN is not only a practice of respect for the environment and the people, but becomes a call for customers and employees to consciously take care.

In the interview for Klasse uno Network I explain the path and values behind AlpiNN - Food Space & Restaurant'


Paolo Ferretti

We choose to be sustainable beyond food


Running an ethical restaurant means adopting behaviors that preserves nature, promotes social equity, economic development and improves people's lives. We are aware that creating a menu with local and seasonal products is not enough.

That is why we have chosen to go beyond food:



Agriculture has a
19% impact
on the environment.

A restaurant that does not adopt sustainable behaviour produces each year: 296 tonnes of CO2.

The 'material footprint', i.e. the amount of raw materials used to meet the demand, increased by 70% from 2000 to 2017.

Our promises

Day after day, we pursue clear, measurable and achievable goals.
We take responsibility for all our actions, to ensure a better future for this and future generations.

Keep offering a sustainable experience and in balance with nature

Zeroing our CO2 emissions by 2024

Becoming the leading practice for those wishing to enter the world of sustainable catering

As the 'home of Cook the Mountain' we are the venue for various events, such as Cook the Mountain - Chefs Camp, the first course for professional chefs dedicated to Norbert Niederkofler's philosophy.

From 2019 we are the headquarters of CARE's-The ethical Chef Days. An international project that each year brings together chefs and professionals in the field of sustainability, with the aim of caring for the environment and local communities, promoting an ethical approach that embraces other worlds from the kitchen.

With our holding company Mo-Food, we are at the strategic direction of the kitchen philosophy of HORTO, the restaurant is included in the redevelopment project 'The Medelan', in Milan.

We work with those who share our green vision